Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are crafted from the same materials as traditional braces. The difference is  they don’t need elastics as part of treatment. Translation: you don’t need quite as many office visits as you would with traditional braces. This also means less friction is being applied to your teeth. Self-ligating braces are available with traditional metal, ceramic, or clear brackets. They are similar in size to metal versions, but have a more pleasing appearance; a big plus with our teen and adult patients.

How do they work?

Self-ligating braces work by utilizing a unique clip instead of elastics to assist the archwire in guiding teeth where they have to go. The clip results in less pressure on the teeth, as well as fewer adjustments. That’s because there are no elastics to replace as is the case with traditional braces.

Types of self-ligating brackets

Two types of brackets are available:

  • Passive: Using a smaller archwire, passive brackets create less friction so the teeth can move more freely. Your orthodontist will usually use these at the start of treatment to coax the teeth into position quickly.
  • Active: Using a thicker archwire, more pressure is applied to the teeth, encouraging more aggressive movement so the teeth can be guided into place. With active brackets, there is more control, leading to stronger, more consistent results.

Are you a good candidate for self-ligating braces? Let our orthodontist help you make the call. Come in for your complimentary consultation to determine the type of braces that is best for you. Factors to consider include your particular orthodontic issues, your age, your preferences and more.

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