Metal Braces

What They Are

Metal braces are the most common type of orthodontic option for patients of all ages. Yet, they’re not the braces you remember from childhood. They’re smaller, flatter, and much more comfortable than they used to be. Metal braces can be a good choice for children and adults. They’re made of high-quality stainless steel or titanium, and are composed of three main parts:

  • Brackets: These are attached to the teeth with a type of glue that adheres them to the tooth surface and keeps them in place.
  • Archwire: This is a thin metal wire connecting each bracket that puts pressure on the teeth to encourage them to reposition as desired.
  • Ligature Elastics: Also referred to as rubber bands, these are the colored ties that keep the archwires attached to the brackets. You can have your elastics changed at every appointment, and choose from a variety of colors.

How They Work

After being bonded to your teeth, braces apply constant pressure with that force serving to position the teeth into their desired position. Your orthodontist will tighten the archwires when you are at your follow up appointments. In addition, you may wear rubber bands or a head gear to further help the teeth reposition. When you first have your metal braces fitted, you may feel like your teeth are a bit loose and uncomfortable. This is totally normal, and will go away once you become accustomed to the feeling of braces.

A Popular Option

Metal braces are still the most common choice for patients, from kids to adults. That’s because they’re affordable, using commonly available materials. They’re also the fastest to apply, and are consistently effective.

Your Downers Grove Orthodontist, will meet with you and present options that are most appropriate for you and your unique situation. Also at that time, next steps will be presented. Call our office today to schedule your appointment and see what metal braces can do for you!

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