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At Downers Grove Orthodontics, we know that your referral is the highest form of flattery because it means you were so pleased with our services you are willing to recommend them to a friend. We appreciate that, and work hard to maintain our reputation as a team of highly competent orthodontic practitioners. We feel confident in stating that, because of our commitment to consistently delivering the very highest level of service, your friend will receive the same quality and access to leading edge orthodontic care that you did.

Let Your Friend or Family Member Know What to Expect

Please let your referral know you have provided their name and contact information to Downers Grove Orthodontics. Preferably, he or she asked where you had your orthodontic work performed and requested a referral.

In addition to letting this person know to expect a call, you can fill him or her in on the fact that we offer free consultations to anyone who is considering orthodontic treatment. People enjoy hearing about the experiences that others had with a provider, so be sure to explain how your consultation went, and the kinds of things your referral may expect. We will answer all questions and provide an overview of the entire treatment process during this first appointment, just as we did for you.

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