Why Braces?

When people decide to get braces, it is usually to improve the appearance of their smile. Crooked or crowded teeth are the most common reasons that both adults and children seek orthodontic treatment. What many people don’t realize is that properly aligned teeth can improve their oral and overall health for a lifetime. Misaligned teeth can be difficult to keep clean because they trap particles, and these particles contain bacteria. This is why gum disease is more common in people with crooked or crowded teeth or those who have an underbite or overbite.

The Process of Orthodontic Treatment

At Downers Grove Orthodontics, we use ceramic, metal, or plastic to create braces and other orthodontic appliances. Some are removable, while others consist of brackets that bond directly to your teeth. Braces and other appliances put continuous pressure on your teeth so they slowly and gently move into a more desirable position.

Today’s orthodontic patients have many more options available to them than in the past. Instead of metal brackets that are obvious to everyone, you can select ceramic or clear brackets to make your treatment more discreet. The wires used with braces are easier to disguise as well. Modern braces are comfortable to wear, and can move teeth faster than previous generations of traditional metal braces.

Length of Treatment

The average time a patient wears braces varies widely, and can range anywhere from one to three years. It depends on many individual factors, such as the amount of correction required, and the ongoing growth of your face and mouth. Eighteen months is the average for patients at our practice. While we do our best to give you an accurate estimate at the start of treatment, we can’t always predict how your body will respond to the braces or other oral appliance. Wearing headgear and rubber bands as directed can have a significant and positive effect on decreasing total treatment time.

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