Two-Phase Treatment

Two-Phase Treatment is a high-level process blending both tooth-straightening and facial shifting. Its purpose is to achieve a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile that lasts well into adulthood. This is an important first step in many patients’ orthodontic treatment. Delaying treatment may lead to the need to undergo more extensive treatment in the future.

Achieving complete repair of your child’s smile is our first priority, and early treatment is the best way to achieve long-lasting results.

Phase One

Phase One entails enhancing alignment of the upper and lower jaw so it can accommodate all permanent teeth. Children may experience jaw problems as they develop, with an upper jaw (maxilla) that is either too wide or too narrow. The Treatment can also prevent the need to remove permanent teeth, if children with crowded front teeth are treated before the age of eight.

To help determine length of treatment, an orthodontic chart will be created as part of Phase One. This will include:

  • Teeth impressions
  • X-rays
  • Photos

Phase Two

This phase serves to ensure that each tooth has achieved its ideal position – in perfect alignment with the lips, cheeks, tongue, and surrounding teeth. Usually comprising full upper and lower braces. Phase Two is imperative to keep all teeth in place and ensure a beautiful, long-lasting smile. Phase Two only begins when all permanent teeth have come in. The duration of this phase depends upon the patient, but usually runs for around 24 months.

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